Making choices...

Everyday, you do two things. Saying yes to everything or saying yes to a few things.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Karthik Kamalakannan

Making choices...

There are two ways of working with clients, which aligns with the path every business owner takes.

  1. Saying Yes to everything.
  2. Saying Yes to selected things.

Anyone can make more money saying Yes to everything. Say for example, a project was offered to you, and the customer says, it has to be delivered quick, with good quality and very little cost.

There are three things to note here. The customer is taking about speed of the project, and they're already aware that the quality might deteriorate during this super fast development and they are also talking about having the cost really low. Say that you accept this project today and begin working on it. Here's what would happen:

  1. Each aspect of the project would get less attention from you and your team. (Contraint: Time. Goal: Deliver at Supersonic speed)
  2. The true quality and the ability for you to work will take a huge hit. You can't deliver a quality product at supersonic speeds.
  3. From the time of starting the project till the end, there would be a mental transition phase that a client would experience. So as humans themselves, they expect exceptional quality (more than what they had in mind initially) as the deadline approaches. But remember? You've already sacrificed the quality for time here. So the client would not be satisfied.
  4. But, here's the thing. You get your money, somehow. You lose on the margins you had, because the client would want you to change things to attain the quality bar they have set. And there will no such thing called referral from the client since they suffered with you in #3.

So everything you did, would be for the short-term gain, but you spend time for a long-term loss. Now, let's look at the other side of the wall. Imagine that you are saying Yes to that one client of yours who you truly believe in, the one you connect with, and the one who shares the same vision as you. Here's what would happen:

  1. You enjoy working with the client and the product they are developing 'with you'.
  2. You are treated as an extended team member sitting at the other side of the world (maybe).
  3. You focus on the smaller things that would make the client successful. You put your heart and soul into the project and do the best work of your life.
  4. You take time to plan things out. Sketch them on paper. Think about the product when in bathroom and rush to write an email to the client for this new idea you got for the project.
  5. And you deliver the project carefully in a beautiful package that is going live in front of your eyes, when your team and your client are on Skype watching the project go live. That, my friend is winning.
  6. Now, you have 'earned' yourself a happy client. A client who would stand by you when you need them the most. The one who would happily and confidently refer you to their friends and workmates.
  7. This is where we invest our time in.

In this process, you get to say no to a ton of things that could have made you a millionaire. But in this process, you get to choose who you would want to work with. This way, you build your business values so strong, that will resonate across centuries.

Thinking back, we've made all our decisions with the second process in mind. Though it is not paying us enough now, we know that it will pay us in the long-run.

After all, if your hard-work is not paying you enough, what will?

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