Introducing Blockchain Industry Readiness Programs (IRP)

This Blockchain Industry Readiness Program is an initiative that is aimed at training high-quality engineers to build perfectly good blockchain based products. With us, or with someone else they would be working for.

Karthik Kamalakannan

Karthik Kamalakannan

Introducing Blockchain Industry Readiness Programs (IRP)

Today, we're proud to announce the public availability of the Blockchain Industry Readiness Program (IRP). This program is for the ones who truly want to build on the blockchain technology, with a focus that matches our standards. Let me quickly take you through what this is all about, why we are doing this and what this means to you as a participant.

I recently posted about what Skcript thinks of the blockchain technology this year on LinkedIn, and we are super excited about this year's goals.

This, calls for two things:

  1. We need engineers with high standards to work with us.
  2. We need really good quality engineers who understand the blockchain deeply to work in the industry around us.

The Blockchain Industry Readiness Program (IRP) aims to get people ready for the technology that is changing the world.

Why Blockchain IRP now?

Every time a new technology comes up, that is gaining traction in the industry, engineers try to equip themselves with the required skills as soon as possible. So now, there's this huge demand all of a sudden in the industry that calls in for these training institutes who teach these engineers. Unfortunately, we have not seen institutes do justice to what they do when it comes to the standards the industry expects.

When these engineers, who come out of these institutes graduate, and get a job at a large company, the quality of products they produce for their customers drastically reduce. And you know what happens next. Bad products:bad lifestyle:bad business. This seems to be a never-ending cycle in the industry today.

We want to stop this.

From before we started Skcript, we have believed in building superior quality products individually. Today, Skcript stands for one of the biggest values, which is the quality of work we do.

This Blockchain IRP is an initiative that is aimed at working with such high-quality engineers to build perfectly good blockchain based products. With us, or with someone else they would be working for.

How is this different from other programs?

With this IRP, we wanted to do things differently. The engineers who signup for this program will be interviewed before they get into the program. This eliminates everyone who is just trying to do something for the hype and not to build something real. And once the engineer is in the program, there is no going back. They pay a very small fee of $100 per month for three months before they graduate.

Here's the difference with the Blockchain IRP:

  1. There is no certificate; if you are trying to do this for getting a certificate, don't apply.
  2. You will have a working good quality code; this will be your certificate. You show this when you apply for other companies. If they don't value this, walk away.
  3. You pay if you don't complete what you promised; this way, you have enough pressure that you would face in a real-world environment, and complete what you promised, no matter what.
  4. There is no going back; once you are in, you will be molded by two metrics.
    1. Are you producing good quality code?
    2. Are you delivering what is expected?
  5. You own your code; all the assignments and projects you would be working on, will be yours.

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